Members are the essence of our organization. Chapter members guarantee that our movement has the resources to spread awareness to policymakers and media outlets on Lebanese affairs, and has the power to advocate for policies that enhance the US-Lebanon relationship.

State Delegates

The Board of Trustees will nominate and endorse State Delegates to represent Our New Lebanon by taking leadership positions in the organization and promoting community engagement. A delegate’s role will be to develop activities and campaigns around the common purpose of educating our local elected officials on strengthening the US-Lebanon relationships.


We invite all Lebanese American community members and fellow Pro-Lebanon Americans to become spokespeople for our initiative of strengthening U.S. Lebanon ties. We encourage active community outreaches and collaborations with other nonprofits with a shared vision to maximize our impact. Our New Lebanon offers an open invitation to individuals from all walks of life to join and enact our mission. Help us recruit members and enjoy fundraising for a better Lebanon.

Students & Young Professionals

We place a high value on young activists and future leaders to advance our message in the generations to come. Our organization plans on hosting seminars and workshops to high school and university students to embody in them the spirit of service. We aim to teach our youth about US-Lebanon initiatives and give them the tools to use their voices to support stronger ties.

Business Leaders

Our organization strives to unite multidisciplinary leaders from Real Estate, Venture Capital, Tech, and Wall Street, etc. in one conversation about the importance of stronger ties between the US and Lebanon. We aim to leverage our leaders’ networks and social groups to advance policies that advance the ties between the US and Lebanon and pass them through Congress. We encourage our business and industry leaders to network, engage, and champion Pro-Lebanon Caucus Groups to increase trade between the U.S. and Lebanon and strengthen economic ties.

Guiding Principles

Honesty, Pragmatism and Meritocracy

  1. Call for Independent Judiciary and Administrative Reform
  2. Neutral and Independent Lebanon
  3. Reestablish a neutral and secure Lebanon that abides by the UN Resolutions 1559 and 1701
  4. Lebanese Government to exert control over all Lebanese Territories
  5. Demand electoral reform and an election under International Supervision, and Establish E-Voting
  6. Establish an Anti-Corruption Body to prosecute those who stole money and to repatriate it to the Lebanese Government.
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  1. Return refugees safely to their homelands
  2. Establish an Oil and Gas Sovereign Fund that belongs to the people of Lebanon
  3. Respect, appreciate, and foster the Expatriate Community, giving them the same rights as people inside Lebanon
  4. No Administrative Centralization
  5. Free Economy, with Safety Nets, such as Medical, Retirement, and Unemployment Insurance.
  6. Compulsory public education
  7. The equilibrium amongst all Citizens using the “Meritocracy Principal”
  8. E-Government
  9. Legislative sessions must be broadcasted live to the public. Members of Parliament must vote publicly through electronic means, not by raising hands
  10. Electricity augmented by renewable energy 24 hours a day, WI-FI, Clean Potable Water throughout Lebanon, Sewer System with reclaimed water capability, Rubbish and Recycling using the Green Methods
  11. Congress or Senate to ensure that minorities rights are protected
  12. Elections:
  13. President of the Republic is elected indirectly through the Lebanese Parliament to a four-year term, with a term limit of two times (totaling eight years).
  14. President of the Parliament is a member of the Parliament and is elected through the Lebanese
  15. Parliament to a four-year term, with a term limit of two times (totaling eight years).
  16. Prime Minister is nominated by the Parliament and ratified by the President of the Republic to a four-year term, with a term limit of two times (totaling eight years).
  17. Ministers cannot be elected Members of Parliament and Vice Versa
  18. Reconstitute all Sectors of the Economy; Farming, Manufacturing, Tourism, Technology such as Robotics, Big data, and AI
  19. Self-sufficiency enables Lebanon to be economically independent and stands on its own feet.
  20. Utilize the country’s natural resources and labor to produce goods and services that can satisfy consumer needs and improve people’s living standards. Furthermore, a self-sufficient national economy guarantees equality in economic affairs, sovereignty, and stable international relations.