the Congressional U.S.-Lebanon Friendship Caucus

The Caucus, operating within the esteemed chambers of the United States House of Representatives, is dedicated to proactive engagement and advocacy on a range of critical issues affecting the bilateral relationship between the United States and Lebanon. With a steadfast commitment to fostering collaboration and understanding, we address pressing matters of mutual concern, shaping policies that resonate on both sides of the Atlantic. Our Actions:

Presidential Elections: We advocate for timely and representative presidential elections in Lebanon, emphasizing the importance of democracy and ensuring a smooth transition of power.

Lebanon’s Parliament: We urge the Biden administration to engage constructively with Lebanon’s parliament, facilitating dialogue and cooperation to elect a new president and advance democratic governance.

Maritime Border Agreement: We actively support peaceful border measures between Lebanon and Israel, promoting regional stability and cooperation in the Eastern Mediterranean. 


Advocacy Meetings

Year Founded

Guest Speakers


Statewide Initiatives

Our grassroots efforts encompass various activities to inform, engage, and inspire action across the United States:

Community Workshops: We organize workshops to educate on the importance of pro-Lebanon policies and strengthen diplomatic relations between Lebanon and the United States.

Voter Registration Drives: We conduct voter registration drives to increase participation in elections and support pro-Lebanon candidates.

Cultural Events: Heritage festivals and community gatherings celebrate our culture and raise awareness about Lebanon’s political and social issues.

Advocacy Campaigns: Our advocacy campaigns engage policymakers and influence legislation supporting Lebanon, including letter-writing, petitions, and meetings with officials.

Educational Programs: We offer programs and resources to schools and universities to highlight Lebanon’s history, culture, and current affairs, educating the younger generation.

Social Media Outreach: Leveraging social media, we spread awareness, share information, and encourage community action on issues impacting Lebanon.

Volunteer Initiatives: Our members volunteer their time and skills in community clean-ups and local charities, positively impacting both locally and in Lebanon.


Collaborating Organizations under LACC:

  • Assembly for Lebanon (AFL)
  • Lebanese American Renaissance Partnership (LARP)
  • Lebanese Information Center (LIC)
  • Our New Lebanon (ONL)
  • Shields of United Lebanon (SOUL)
  • World Lebanese Cultural Union (WLCU)
  • Lebanese For Lebanon Foundation (LFLF)
  • American Lebanese Policy Institute – PAC (ALPI-PAC)
  • Lebanese Advisory Organization: Civic Influence Hub (CIH)

International Advocacy Committees:

Our New Lebanon has been instrumental in the establishment of several advocacy committees, including:

Our New Lebanon is a Proud Co-Founder & Member

LACC is a distinguished coalition of Lebanese-American organizations dedicated to championing Lebanon’s sovereignty, independence, and democratic principles. Committed to fostering collaborative advocacy, LACC has developed a set of guiding principles that govern its operations and engagement with key decision-makers in Washington, D.C. Moreover, LACC collaborates closely with like-minded organizations both within Lebanon and across the diaspora, amplifying its impact and reach.