About US

Our Approach

Our New Lebanon is a national nonprofit organization powered by the Lebanese American community with the goal of reshaping Lebanon as a democratic sovereign nation and as a land of integrity and stability by strengthening the ties between the US and Lebanon.

We strive to spread awareness within the American government, Democrats and Republicans alike, about impending issues concerning US-Lebanon relations and encourage calls for action. We aim to educate the American media on Lebanese affairs, promote news coverage, and capture national attention. Our organization has a duty to provide fact-based investigation, scholarly research, and educational information to U.S. policymakers, media outlets, community thought leaders and anyone who wishes to see peace in lands beyond the oceans.

Our Mission

“We strive to preserve Lebanon as a model of freedom and democracy. We aim to promote peace, neutrality, freedom of religion and speech. We support economic liberty and political independence.

We aim to strengthen and expand the US-Lebanon relationship in ways that enhances the security of both countries, and we work to educate and guide decision-makers on the bonds that unite the two countries and matters of interest to the Lebanese American Community.”



Pro US-Lebanon Advocacy

Shared Values

The Lebanese Americans share fundamental moral values which are the building blocks of great nations. With an unparalleled loyalty to the flag, profound patriotism to the land, and strong protection of human rights and coexistence, the two nationalists are a powerhouse that can drive advocacy for the greater good of the two sister nations.

Our goal is to create a strong U.S. – Lebanon alliance by nurturing impactful diplomatic relations with Pro US-Lebanon Congress Members who will aid in the development and execution of U.S. foreign policies that favor protecting Lebanon as a strategic ally in the Middle East. We are true believers that positioning Lebanon as an autonomous and progressive country in an otherwise turmoil region will pave the way for other fellow countries to democratize.

Stronger Ties

We encourage our American brothers and sisters who support stronger US-Lebanon relations to take an active role in learning foreign affairs policies related to US-Lebanon and evaluating their direct impact on the safety and growth of both countries.

We advise you to educate your family, friends, neighbors, and the community at large of how your engagement in politics and voting in local and national elections can have a tremendous impact on strengthening the relations between the US and Lebanon. We ask you to show your support to candidates who favor a stronger ties between the two countries, whether it’s by spreading the word, volunteering at voting polls, or donating funds to the campaign.

Disclaimer: Our New Lebanon is not a political action committee and does not rate or endorse candidates.

Our Team

Mr. Fadi Kantar, is a proud Lebanese-American.

Mr. Kantar was a student of Sagesse school and majored in Law at the Lebanese University of Law. Built and owned several companies including CTI. He is a Professional Business Consultant, National & International; Private & …

Fadi Kantar


Anise Garabet, the son of Leon and Margaret Garabet, was born in Beirut, Lebanon before his family moved to Brooklyn, New York in 1972. They moved again to settle in Los Angeles, California in 1979…

Anise Garabet

Vice President

Ferris Wehbe was born in Lebanonin in 1957, and at 17 had to leave due to the Civil War, arriving in the United States. Knowing he may never be able to return, Ferris emerged himself in the American Culture and system…

Ferris Wehbe

Past President / Treasurer

Proud Lebanese-American, majored in Criminal Justice as well as Acting and Directing. Began her business journey as a CEO’s assistant at CTI in Florida, Vice President at Bellevue hotel in Beirut, was later assigned as the Marketing director of Middle East at the Kaya Casino in Northern Cyprus for several years…

Rafia Khoury


Mr. Rabih Abu Ayash is a businessman in the greater Los Angeles area for the past 31 years.

He’s an entrepreneur who oversees the productivity and efficiency through the introduction of new technologies and bold organizational redesign into his restaurants…

Rabih Abou Ayash

Board of Director

Embracing the core values of integrity, innovation and growth, Ed Karim consistently ranks among the top individuals
who builds out channels of connections. Ed Karim is a responsible father and husband, is one of the founders of the AbdulKarim Society, served as WLCU North America Vice President, owner of …

Edy Karim


Mrs. Mitri holds a master degree in political science from Lebanese University in Beirut.
Mrs. Mitri is a business owner and a Medical Aesthetecian since 1998 at Marina SkinCare.
Mrs. Mitri had served on board of many reputable non profit organizations, and to name a few, like Soroptimist International , Lions Club and Lebanese Ladies ….

Maher Al-Soufi was born in Tripoli Lebanon. He obtained his Bachelor degree in Civil and Structural Engineering from Iowa State University and his Master degree in Construction Management from the University of Florida. Maher is a licensed professional engineer and a licensed contractor in several states…. 

Maher Soufi

Board Member

anita babikian

Born in Lebanon in 1960, I was lucky to grow up in a multilingual, multi cultural family and environment. After graduating in Business Administration from Universite St Joseph in Beirut, I completed my studies in France at the Ecole des Hautes Etudes Commerciales (HEC), just outside Paris. 

Anita Babikian

Chair for the Election Committee