Professional Summary: A distinguished military officer with extensive experience in various military operations and strategic leadership roles. Recognized for exemplary service and bravery, George Nader has contributed significantly to national defense and international military cooperation. He is also an accomplished academic with a background in political science and international relations.

Military Career:

  • 1980: Volunteered as a student officer at the Arab School.
  • 1983: Graduated with the rank of Lieutenant.
  • 2010: Promoted to the rank of Brigadier General.
  • Positions Held:
    • Commander of the Airborne Regiment.
    • Military Attach√© in Paris.

Military Operations:

  • Participated in operations in Beirut, Souk El Gharb, South, Adma, Dawar, Nahr El Bared, and Arsal.
  • Wounded three times in action.

Military Honors:

  • Medal of War (8 times)
  • Medal of the Wounded (3 times)
  • National Unity Medal
  • Medal of the Dawn of the South
  • Military Appreciation Medal
  • Knight of the National Cedar Medal
  • Medal of Courage
  • Knight of the Order of the French Tour of Honor

Military Certifications:

  • Higher Staff Course, College of Al-Kharb, Paris.

Academic Background:

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science, Lebanese University
  • In-depth Studies in International Relations, Pantheon d’Assas University, Paris

Civic Engagement:

  • Co-founder of the October 17 Revolutionary Front.