Fadi Kantar is a distinguished Lebanese-American professional with extensive experience in business consulting, market development, and the entertainment industry. Known for his expertise in due diligence, negotiations, and market analysis, he has built and owned several successful companies, including CTI.


  • Law Degree, Lebanese University of Law
  • High School Education, Sagesse School

Career Highlights

  • Professional Business Consultant
    • Expertise in national and international consulting for both private and government sectors
    • Specializes in due diligence, negotiations, market research, and exclusive distribution
  • Senior Market Development Executive, Casino Industry, Northern Cyprus (9 years)
  • Owner and Builder, Various Companies including CTI

Entertainment Industry

  • Professional Singer, Music Composer, and Theater Director
    • Known by the artist name “Fadi Loubnan”
    • Over 30 years of experience and success in the entertainment industry
    • Portfolio includes more than 400 projects

Awards and Honors

  • Numerous honorary awards from:
    • Lebanese Army
    • Countries including the USA, France, Tunisia, Egypt, various African nations, Jordan, and England

    Fadi Kantar continues to leverage his extensive expertise and diverse skill set to drive success in both his business endeavors and artistic pursuits, making significant contributions to the Lebanese-American community and beyond.