Lebanese-American Coordinating Committee
4201 Cathedral Ave NW, # 815 E. Washington, DC 20016
Washington, April 13, 2024 

The Lebanese-American Coordinating Committee (LACC): Elimination of illegal weapons, return of Syrian refugees, and border control are essential to stop all the crimes against the Lebanese people!

Lebanon is currently facing a pivotal moment in its history, characterized by the systematic dismantling of its legal state institutions, the erosion of its sovereignty, and its unwarranted involvement in conflicts. Additionally, there’s a growing threat to the safety of Lebanese citizens and an increase in criminal activity, with the recent assassination of Mr. Pascal Sleiman, coordinator of the Lebanese Forces in Byblos, under suspicious circumstances which led to an increase in tensions across Lebanon. These events underscore the urgent need to uphold justice and uncover the truth behind this atrocious crime, amidst a backdrop of intimidation against reformist forces calling for sovereignty.

In this context, considering Lebanon’s struggles as a nation as well as its people’s commitment to preserving their cultural identity, amidst efforts to safeguard the country’s sovereignty and the well-being of its citizens, especially in the light of the evolving dynamics in its approach towards peace and conflict, the Lebanese-American Coordinating Committee (LACC) highlights the following:

  1. The spread of illegal weapons, along with the violation of the constitutional principle restricting their use to legitimate military and security forces, fosters a climate that legitimizes various crimes against the Lebanese people. The only solution lies in restoring the authority of the Lebanese state and asserting its complete sovereignty over all its territories without exception.
  2. The ongoing neglect by successive Lebanese governments of the existential and practical risks associated with the presence of Syrian refugees, in addition to the lack of a comprehensive policy to facilitate their return to their homeland, leaves some refugees vulnerable to exploitation for criminal activities. A critical solution lies in promptly facilitating their repatriation to Syria, while cautioning
  3. The failure of legitimate military, security, and judicial bodies to effectively secure Lebanon’s land, sea and air borders leave the country susceptible to the influence of non-state actors, thereby facilitating the proliferation of organized crime. Hence, it is imperative for these authorities to take decisive action to address this negligence and restore border control.

Based on the aforementioned, the (LACC) extends its heartfelt condolences to the Lebanese people, the Lebanese Forces Party, and the family of the late Pascal Sleiman. The committee also reaffirms its ongoing solidarity with the Lebanese people in peacefully monitoring the progress of investigations until the complete truth is uncovered and justice is served, while avoiding any deviations that contradict the aspirations for a free, sovereign, independent, and just state governed by the rule of law and institutions.

In conclusion, while strongly condemning the heinous crime against Pascale Sulieman, the committee warns against the danger of adopting the tactics of threats, defamation, inflammatory rhetoric, and assassinations. Unfortunately, these actions echo a dark era in Lebanon’s history, marked by enduring crime that should not be repeated. 

Hence, the committee urges the Lebanese state to reaffirm its sovereignty as outlined in the constitution, adhere to international resolutions (1559-1680-1701), and ensure justice by transparently uncovering the truth behind all crimes and holding the perpetrators accountable. It underscores the significance of embracing rational discourse to safeguard national unity and deter those attempting to disrupt civil peace, thereby preventing Lebanon from being dragged into turmoil and promoting hidden agendas.