The Lebanese-American Coordinating Committee (LACC) is closely monitoring  the escalation on the southern borders of Lebanon due to the ongoing conflict  in Gaza. Amid this precarious time for Lebanon, LACC stresses the following:

  1. The strong condemnation of targeting of civilians, schools, hospitals,  media, and places of worship, and a firm call to respect international  humanitarian law while resorting to dialogue instead of violence in  resolving conflicts.
  2. The clear rejection of all forms of violence and extremism and resorting to  the United Nations resolutions concerning the Palestinian cause by:  advocating for a Two-State solution and the Return of Refugees. The Middle  East has already endured and witnessed enough suffering and bloodshed. The pursuit of justice leads to the attainment of Peace.
  3. Safeguarding Lebanon’s Sovereignty. Lebanon is facing multiple existential  threats, including deliberate attempts to engage it in the ongoing conflict,  and the possibility of using its territory for regional reasons. These  dynamics necessitate a decisive position from the Caretaker Government,  the Lebanese Armed Forces (LAF) and official security forces, to assert the  authority of the Lebanese state, and to uphold the provisions of the  constitution and the UN Security Council resolutions, especially 1559, 1680,  and 1701.
  4. The endorsement of the efforts of “the Sovereign and Reform Groups” in  Lebanon as they firmly oppose involving Lebanon in conflict and advocate  for its neutrality, particularly amidst the current economic, social, and  financial crisis, and the collapse of infrastructure. Moreover, Lebanon’s  entanglement in the conflict appears to be a decision driven by sinister  regional motives.
  5. Requesting the United Nations, the Arab League, the Lebanese Diaspora,  as well as the United States of America, to exert the utmost diplomatic  pressure to protect Lebanon and its people from any aggression and  violation of its sovereignty.

On the other hand, Lebanon is facing an existential threat to its identity, and the risk of collapse due to the  hollowing out of its constitutional institutions. For 13 months, Lebanon has been suffering from a vacancy  in the Presidency due to the path of obstruction adopted by the Mafia-Militia coalition. The LACC hopes,  based on the common American – Lebanese interest, that the following issues are taken into consideration:

The absolute necessity of electing a president and hence the importance of continuing the pressure on  the forces of obstruction to stop this coup against the constitution which harms Lebanon’s national  security. The pressure must be on those who are creating an inability for the Lebanese Parliament to elect  a President. This is done through the obstructive approach practiced by Hezbollah and its allies,

Empowering the Lebanese State by endorsing the implementation of UN Resolutions 1559, 1680, 1701,  and 2650, and backing Lebanon by declaring the non-acceptance of the continuous entering of Syrians to Lebanon through illegal crossings.

Intensifying the pressure on those obstructing reform in Lebanon. The Mafia-Militia alliance is  deliberately perpetuating the socio-economic collapse by aborting any agreement with the IMF, and by  continuing to destroy the public administration. Such behavior is a cover to isolate Lebanon from the  Arab and International communities, which will lead to an organized displacement of the Lebanese  people and will result in a systematic change in Lebanon’s national identity.

Supporting a comprehensive solution for the Syrian displaced in Lebanon. This solution must be beyond  just humanitarian support. This crisis requires a Return Plan of all displaced in collaboration with the UN  and the Arab League based on UN Resolution 2254.

The United States backing for restoring the Sovereignty of Lebanon depends on the continuous support  of the Lebanese Armed Forces (LAF) and the Internal Security Forces (ISF). They are the last line of  defense for the Lebanese State, and they remain called upon to perform their duties in defending  Lebanon’s territories from any illegal external or internal aggression.

Reinforcing justice in Lebanon by supporting the request of the formation of an international fact-finding  Commission to follow on the crime of the Beirut Port Blast under the auspices of the UN Commission on  Human Rights, and by including fact finding about the detainees, kidnapped and disappeared Lebanese  in Syrian prisons.

The Lebanese-American Coordinating Committee (LACC) is concerned with maintaining Lebanese-American  relationsin a way that serves the interests of the Lebanese and American people, and as it is closely following  what is being leaked about the possibility of demarcating the land borders between Lebanon and Israel, it is  also concerned that the demarcation should include the Lebanese Syrian land borders as a priority, as it  strengthens the sovereignty, and unity of Lebanon. We affirm our deep gratitude for what the United States  of America is doing to support the Lebanese people at all levels.

Respectfully Yours,

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