Lebanese-American Coordinating Committee
4201 Cathedral Ave NW, # 815 E. Washington, DC 20016
Washington, April 13, 2024

The Lebanese-American Coordination Committee (LACC): No quid pro quo at Lebanon’s expense and for the full implementation of Resolution 1701 and the election of a President of the Republic

The Lebanese American Coordination Committee (LACC) said in a statement it issued simultaneously in Washington and Beirut, on behalf of the committee that includes eight American organizations: the American Lebanese Policy Institute (ALPI-PAC), the Rally for Lebanon (AFL), and the Lebanese Renaissance Partnership. – The American League (LARP), Lebanese for Lebanon (LFLF), the Lebanese Information Center (LIC), Our New Lebanon (ONL), Shields of a United Lebanon (SOUL) and the World Lebanese Cultural University (WLCU), and with them the Civic Impact Forum (CIH) as The committee’s advisory organization said that “in the context of its follow-up of the existential risks that Lebanon faces at the constitutional, sovereign, and economic-financial-social levels, and based on its responsibility to support the sovereign forces of reform and change and the living societal forces in Lebanon, to preserve its civilizational identity, and based on its continuous communication.”

With the American administration in service of the Lebanese cause, the Lebanese-American Coordination Committee (LACC) confirms that the continued vacancy in the position of the Presidency of the Lebanese Republic is no longer acceptable, as this vacancy violates the requirements of the Constitution, the organization of institutions, and the integrity of the regular democratic transfer of power, and disrupts the logic of legitimacy, hence The priority of immediately electing a sovereign, reformist, centrist, independent president, away from any suspicious deal, in order to stop the method of systematic obstruction that is disintegrating the state, and destroying its role regulating the proper social contract among the various components of the Lebanese people, as well as attacking the Lebanon’s national security and the human security of its people.”

The statement added: “The implementation of international resolutions, first and foremost Resolution 1701 in full as well as Resolutions 1559 and 1680, constitutes protection for Lebanon and the state’s sovereignty exclusively with its legitimate military and security forces, protection from all dangers, and averting any partial or comprehensive Israeli aggression. Hence, the continuation of the United States is required.” The United States and its friends are committed to providing support to the Lebanese Army so that it can assume the tasks of protecting all borders in cooperation with UNIFIL forces, far from any partnership outside the legitimacy. It also requires increasing support for the Internal Security Forces so that they can carry out their tasks in preserving the safety of the Lebanese people from all forms of organized crime and attacks on the rule of law.” .

He continued: “The continued marketing that a trade-off at the expense of Lebanon’s identity and Lebanon’s sovereignty is under way between the decision-making capitals and some of the parties therein due to the imbalance of power, falls within the context of psychological intimidation against the sovereign, reformist and changeable forces, and these are concerned with unifying their efforts, in a way that proves the path of Restoring the state and liberating it from its kidnappers and pawnbrokers for accounts that have nothing to do with the higher Lebanese interest.”

The statement indicated that “what the Lebanese-American Coordination Committee saw in its communication with the decision-making capitals confirms that the international community is keen to bring the views of the Lebanese parties closer together in a way that ensures the election of a president he/she agrees on within the constitutional frameworks, and they are absolutely not in the process of making any bargaining.” in that”.

The statement concluded: “The Lebanese-American Coordination Committee (LACC), while also appreciating the movement of the International Five-Year Committee in the above-mentioned directions, pledges to the Lebanese people to continue its struggle in the service of the Lebanese cause.”