The Lebanese-American Coordination Committee (LACC) is organizing a series of visits to Washington between the 6th and 11th of this month, as part of the Lebanese diaspora efforts in the United States of America, including the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Senate, Congress, and the White House, and will move to New York to meet with the Assistant Secretary-General of the United Nations for Middle East affairs and members of the UN Security Council.

According to a statement, the committee stressed “neutralizing Lebanon from the ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas, pressing towards empowering the Lebanese army and continuing support for it to protect the borders, and thus confirming that it is the only military legitimacy concerned with protecting the borders and thus implementing Resolution 1701, in cooperation with UNIFIL forces,” and stressed that “The continuation of the presidential vacancy is a danger to the Lebanese identity. We are not accepting a path that does not take into account the necessity of regular work of constitutional institutions, most notably the Presidency of the Republic, in any future negotiations and arrangements on all Lebanese borders, as guaranteed by the Lebanese Constitution and also Arab and international resolutions.”

It announced, “Preparing a working paper that it will present to everyone it will meet, taking into account all of these points that were mentioned, on behalf of the eight Lebanese organizations that include them: the American Lebanese Policy Institute (ALPI-PAC), the Rally for Lebanon (AFL), the Lebanese Renaissance Partnership – The American League (LARP), Lebanese for Lebanon (LFLF), the Lebanese Information Center (LIC), Our New Lebanon (ONL), Shields of a United Lebanon (SOUL) and the World Lebanese Cultural University (WLCU), with the Forum for Civic Impact (CIH) as the organization. Advisory Committee.

Noting that the Lebanese-American Coordination Committee, which was established in 2021, is carrying out cumulative work in the United States of America, and it is also paralleled by the Lebanese-Canadian Coordination Committee in Canada (CCLC), the Lebanese-French Coordination Committee in France (CCLF), and the Lebanese-Swiss Coordination Committee (LSCC). This is part of the efforts undertaken by the Lebanese diaspora to unify the sovereign reform vision to save the Lebanese identity.